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Agents Growing Stronger!
“Even the weak become strong when they are united.”
(Johann Friedrich Schiller)

The business challenges of today's independent agents grow each day.

Through association we can add to our strength, increase our markets, and raise our commission income. Consider associating with the Smartplan today!

  • Higher commissions.

  • Contingent income programs

  • Direct access to new markets

  • Marketing/Sales programs

  • Operations support, leadership

  • Greater carrier leverage

    Let's face it: smaller agents find it harder to compete in a constantly changing insurance climate which is requiring more and more of you. The industry as a whole is changing.

    more about smartplanins.comWe built the Smartplan to meet and conquer the problems that smaller and mid-size agencies face. We provide more strength, more commission, higher contingent income, and better carrier relationships. With the strength of the Smartplan, you can shift the maintenance and servicing responsibilities (so costly to most smaller agencies) and concentrate on selling more insurance.

    You’ll earn more money, have access to more markets, enjoy exposure to more prospects, plus, a whole lot more!

    California, Arizona, and Nevada Insurance agents have unique challenges and special needs. We have a proven combination of business services and agent profitability programs.

    more about the services of With rising competition, a complex insurance environment, and shrinking commissions, agents today have unique challenges as never before.

    Be a part of our team. Join the Smartplan and gain access to the right programs designed for agents just like you. Call us today to speak with one of our leaders.

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  • More About the Smartplan
    Insurance Cooperative

    Insurance Industry changes and economic realities are jeopardizing agencies and impacting the lifestyles of owners. Consolidating premium volume and production goals are now favored by carriers. This is the major factor in the renewed success of insurance agencies who are associating with cooperatives like Smartplan.

    Carrier demands for better technology, more production and higher financial commitments is forcing agencies to adhere to the “pooling” concept. This is not new - it's just new to the insurance industry! Smartplan provides a range of benefits and services. Access to carriers and greater participation in their contingency programs is just the start.

    Our research began in 2001. Smartplan was a concept to address the challenges we were having in our own agency. Smartplan levels the playing field so small agencies can compete with bigger agencies… and win!

    By combining pricing and market access advantages with the association options, agents and producers have more time to focus on the most profitable part of their business. Our agents’ cooperative focused on the needs of California, Arizona and Nevada Independent Insurance Agents:

  • Higher commissions and profit sharing programs
  • Increase contingency
  • Exclusive Back-office services
  • Improve agency value
  • Broad access to markets
  • Domicile option in our modern facility
  • Utilize proven cross-selling and new business development programs
  • Access to two-tier client service program

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