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Agents Growing Stronger!
“Even the weak become strong when they are united.”
(Johann Friedrich Schiller)

The business challenges of today's independent agents grow each day.

Through association we can add to our strength, increase our markets, and raise our commission income. Consider associating with the Smartplan today!

  • Higher commissions.

  • Contingent income programs

  • Direct access to new markets

  • Marketing/Sales programs

  • Operations support, leadership

  • Greater carrier leverage

    Let's face it: smaller agents find it harder to compete in a constantly changing insurance climate which is requiring more and more of you. The industry as a whole is changing.

    more about smartplanins.comWe built the Smartplan to meet and conquer the problems that smaller and mid-size agencies face. We provide more strength, more commission, higher contingent income, and better carrier relationships. With the strength of the Smartplan, you can shift the maintenance and servicing responsibilities (so costly to most smaller agencies) and concentrate on selling more insurance.

    You’ll earn more money, have access to more markets, enjoy exposure to more prospects, plus, a whole lot more!

    California, Arizona, and Nevada Insurance agents have unique challenges and special needs. We have a proven combination of business services and agent profitability programs.

    more about the services of With rising competition, a complex insurance environment, and shrinking commissions, agents today have unique challenges as never before.

    Be a part of our team. Join the Smartplan and gain access to the right programs designed for agents just like you. Call us today to speak with one of our leaders.

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  • Facts on Associating
    With Smartplan

    Smartplan is a master agency dedicated to assisting California, Arizona and Nevada Insurance Agencies and Producers. Our objective is to optimize profit potential by leveraging our combined premiums and programs so you can focus your time and attention on SELLING insurance, instead of trying to survive the difficult insurance environment that is forcing many smaller producers to close their doors.

    Like you, Smartplan is dedicated to serving our policyholders and building our business by providing great service and maintaining our relationships. Smartplan was designed to bring together accomplished agencies that want to perpetuate their agencies and grow their insurance book of business!

    If you have the skills and background to do better, and are frustrated by internal and external factors beyond your control, now is the time to act. Don’t let old beliefs stand between you and a sustainable, autonomous future!

    Review these most frequently ask questions:

    A. Will I lose my autonomy?

    NO! You will run your Agency as you always have. Collectively we will have business goals which are as lucrative as possible.

    B. Who should join Smartplan?

    Agencies interested in increasing their commission income and qualifying for or enhancing contingency income programs. Additionally, agencies that may need administrative, business development, and/or operational support can benefit greatly from our Strength & Numbers Plan.

    C. Why should my agency associate with Smartplan?

    Larger agencies have a greater advantage when matched against their lesser peers. More markets, more commission and greater contingency puts the local agent at a great disadvantage. Further, carriers are paying less in commission when production demands are not met. Short run prospects for a change in this trend are unrealistic.

    D. Are there different ways of associating?

    Yes. Smartplan understands the business and personal side of making the decision to protect your agency and associate with us.

    E. What are the costs involved?

    A modest start-up charge and per month fee for unlimited transactions on our Agency Management Sstems and Comparative Real-Time Rating Software.

    F. What can I expect from Smartplan?

    Your association and that of the other members provides powerful representation with our carriers. With your input and enthusiasm, our unified relationship promises a more secure income.

    G. What about my current commissions and contingency plans?

    Minimally, you will continue to earn your current commission levels with your contracted carriers. In many cases, we have negotiated on your behalf with these carriers and earned increased commission. By utilizing the law of large numbers we receive higher contingency percentages than an agent can expect on their own.

    H. How do our organizations interact?

    Normally, you will keep your Carrier-assigned Agency Code. However, in the future the code will move under the Smartplan umbrella. Direct Carrier rating interface will be set up immediately so you can rate, issue, and endorse policies whenever possible.

    I. How do we get started?

    Submit the Contact Us Form by pressing the button/link below to start the process. The Partner Relationship process typically takes about 60 days to complete.

    Please Contact Us to get more information!

    click to request your application and information now!

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