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“Even the weak become strong when they are united.”
(Johann Friedrich Schiller)

The business challenges of today's independent agents grow each day.

Through association we can add to our strength, increase our markets, and raise our commission income. Consider associating with the Smartplan today!

  • Higher commissions.

  • Contingent income programs

  • Direct access to new markets

  • Marketing/Sales programs

  • Operations support, leadership

  • Greater carrier leverage

    Let's face it: smaller agents find it harder to compete in a constantly changing insurance climate which is requiring more and more of you. The industry as a whole is changing.

    more about smartplanins.comWe built the Smartplan to meet and conquer the problems that smaller and mid-size agencies face. We provide more strength, more commission, higher contingent income, and better carrier relationships. With the strength of the Smartplan, you can shift the maintenance and servicing responsibilities (so costly to most smaller agencies) and concentrate on selling more insurance.

    You’ll earn more money, have access to more markets, enjoy exposure to more prospects, plus, a whole lot more!

    California, Arizona, and Nevada Insurance agents have unique challenges and special needs. We have a proven combination of business services and agent profitability programs.

    more about the services of With rising competition, a complex insurance environment, and shrinking commissions, agents today have unique challenges as never before.

    Be a part of our team. Join the Smartplan and gain access to the right programs designed for agents just like you. Call us today to speak with one of our leaders.

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  • Why Smartplan?

    Smartplan Insurance Agents

    Keep your independence. And, keep your agency in your community.

    The thought of locking the door for the very last time is a chilling, but very real prospect for independent insurance agency owners in the current insurance climate.

    The process of doing business is changing all around us. With regularity you see Agencies and Carriers of every type downsizing, merging or just closing down. Some Agency owners are mere spectators as their “partner” carriers and fellow agents reorganize.

    Here are the facts for most independent agents: Carriers want more premiums. Operating costs continue to rise. Yet, premiums and exposure bases are shrinking. How will you stay in business?

    Sheer force of willpower is no longer enough to survive. To earn higher commissions and become eligible for lucrative contingency programs, today’s agency must find new ways of attracting more customers and producing more volume. To remain profitable, agents must find ways of controlling their expenses.

    Smartplan addresses the needs of California, Arizona and Nevada agencies in all respects. You get account support services and more carrier access just like other master agents or clusters, plus cost cutting programs, localized marketing programs and a host of affiliation options.

    There really is strength in bringing together like-minded, growth oriented insurance agents who have a "Smart Plan."

    Please Contact Us to get more information!

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